There are a lot of comedy podcasts out there that are 3 hours long and you get maybe 30 seconds of good comedy-learning content. We're shooting for a solid 35 seconds in half the time.


Wait...who you callin' Green?!

Jake Fromm

Concept & Co-Host

Jake is a nice least that's what he'd have you think. He pretends to hate Stu's creative puns, but really he can't life with-art them.


Stu Melton

Co-Host, Editor, & Producer

A lot of people tell Stu he is monotone. He has more tones - you just haven't earned them yet. He writes the blog A Comedian's Notebook.


Dan Dougal Dougal

Not funny but doing well

(had no part in the making of this podcast)

(appears in episode 7)


Green: The Origins

Stu: "Let's make something."

Jake: "I really want to make a podcast."

Stu: "UGH! Every open mic comedian has a dumb podcast."

Jake: "Every time I ask for advice, other comedians just say 'Keep your head down and work hard and you'll figure it out. But there's more to it than that. We should ask really good comedians about stuff that they're really good at."

Stu: "Okay, let's make a podcast."

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