Season One of Green

Successful comedians often give the advice, “Keep your head down, work hard, and you’ll figure it out.” In the first installment of seasonal podcast Green, Stu Melton and Jake Fromm ask successful comics to go deeper and explain how they do what they do best. Each guest shares stories and advice on the things they excel at, like podcasting, writing for television, and producing their own comedy shows. Recorded over the span of six-seven months, Season 1 tracks Stu and Jake’s attempt to improve their own comedy skills while learning from the pros.

In the first few episodes of Season 1, green comedians Jake and Stu take lessons from the stars of the NYC alternative stand up comedy scene. The duo learn how to podcast from a co-host of one of the top-ranked comedy podcasts on iTunes, Corinne Fisher of the Guys We Fucked podcast, how to be a well-rounded performer from sketch, improv, and stand up renaissance man Nick Vatterott, perhaps best known for his Comedy Central Records album For Amusement Only, and how to produce comedy shows from The Tonight Show producer Jo Firestone, well loved in the comedy community for her incredibly-produced live shows, and much more.

Comedy Central half hours and hours, national tours, late night television appearances, writing for hit Netflix shows, working at the top clubs in New York City: these are just a few of the accomplishments of the Season 1 Green guests.

Having been featured in top publications such as The Interrobang, Splitsider, The Comic’s Comic, and Chortle, Green has been embraced by the comedy community as an insightful and laugh-fueled method of learning about the comedy industry.

Green is a talk-show interview-style comedy podcast that strives to be anything but. Whereas you’ll listen to a 3-hour comedy podcast and maybe get a sliver of great comedy advice every hour or two, Green is focused on the stuff that performers actually want to know and audiences wonder. In each episode, an approximately hour-long interview on a subject like “working the road” is straddled by conversations between Jake and Stu about where they’re at, what they hope to learn, and what they actually get out of each encounter. Intro and outro sequences, along with clips of stand up, storytelling, and sketches, also help round out the show. Altogether, Green is edited down from hours of content to create a thematic core to each episode.

Stu Melton (@tellsjokes) is a NYC-based comedian and creator of the blog A Comedian’s Notebook. He’s also produces the show Hyperbole at The Creek and the Cave Comedy Club. Jake Fromm (@jakefromm) is a NYC-based comedian and producer of the Ambush comedy show at Two Boots Williamsburg. You can listen to Season 1 of Green on iTunes today. New episodes of the 13-episode season are released each Monday.