1.8 The Chaos of Comedy: How to Produce Shows with Jo Firestone

The multitalented Jo Firestone’s credits include Montreal Just For Laughs New Faces, a Comedy Central Half Hour, and writer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But she’s best known as the undeniable, undefeated queen of New York comedy production. Between comedy institutions like Punderdome 3000, the Unexpectashow, and the Inner Beaty Pageant, Jo runs some of the most unique and entertaining comedy shows in the New York. In this episode, Jo talks about the joy of accomplishing what you thought you couldn’t, discusses the value of chaos in comedy, and shares her three rules for producing a successful show. Also, Stu shares a story about a haunted house that might just be a confession to a crime!

Jo Firestone: @kingfirestorm | jofirestone.com
Liza Minnelli & Pudding Wrestling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vJzwx6qLLA
Stu Melton: @tellsjokes
Jake Fromm: @jakefromm
greencomedypodcast.com | greencomedypod@gmail.com | https://facebook.com/greencomedypod

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